Truth and Facts

Learning English is the need of the day. A person without a good knowledge of English is looked down upon, especially in the world of employment. Though we are not in support of this biased attitude, we consider it our responsibility to make the situation better for the non-English speaking section of people. Hence, we motivate our students to learn and speak English confidently and we provide the means and resources to make that happen.

We offer LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP FOR BASIC ENGLISH CLASSES so that the students can come into the institute for as long as they wish to/ until they feel confident about their language.

Courses and Levels

Basic : Designed for students who have little or no background in English language. The course will provide a solid foundation for communicating in the language focusing on daily greetings, vocabulary, basic conversation, and basic grammar.

Course Duration: 10 weeks ( Life Term Membership* )

Intermediate : Designed for students who have some prior knowledge of English language. More advanced grammar and vocabulary will be stressed through real-life activities that are relevant to the students' goals. This course also focused on Interview techniques, body language .

Course Duration: 40 Hrs

Days: weekdays/ Week ends

Advanced English : Adverbs, Adjectives, Idioms, Phrases, tenses, Building Vocabulary, Advance Grammar.

Accent neutralization and fluency : Consonant and Vowel Sounds and Intonation.

Communication Skills : Listening and Speaking Effectively, Fluent English Communication, Phrases, idioms, proverbs and GD, English Grammar Conversation practice Vocabulary building exercises Accent neutralization E-mail and letter writing Soft skills Interview Skills Telephone etiquette Group Discussion Video/Audio training Presentation Skills.

Course Duration: 40 Hours

Special Offers for every student

We have promotional offers running almost every month. Please call us to figure out the latest offers and discounts.

Here's what you will get with every course when YOU join us

1. Study Material
2. Smart, Technology Oriented Classes
3. Fully stacked Library
4. Regular workshops

Why YOU must choose Nile?

At Nile Institute of Languages & Education, we believe and strive towards establishing a culture wherein students are given the best training and facilities for the chosen language at the lowest possible fee.

The classrooms are equipped with smart TV and speakers apart from all the basic necessities essential for a peaceful yet active learning experience. The classes are structured in a way to give students the maximum benefit; online training modules and videos are viewed and discussed in the classes with the aim to provide practical knowledge of usage of the specific language.

We will also be establishing virtual classrooms so learning enthusiasts/ students are able to access the syllabus, notes and sessions from any corner of the world. And the most important part of teaching- the trainers, are chosen wisely so as to provide authentic cum workable knowledge on the specific language. The trainers are chosen more on the basis of their knowledge of the language, passion to teach and their appeal and rapport with students, and less on the basis of the degrees they hold.

Each student is given individual attention so as to make him/her comfortable with the learning process. We group the classes in a way that each student comfortably gets individual time with the trainer for any clarifications (Normally groups of 5-10 Students). Student needs are considered and the learning module is designed in a way to make it best suitable to the student as far as feasible. We provide professional teaching material including audio and video lessons for listening comprehension. The trainers monitor progress of students through regular tests and provide appropriate feedback and support.