Yes, Nile programmed the course in such a way that a person who doesn’t study English also will be able to speak English at the end of the course.
No, we give you a life term membership. You can attend the conversation class till you get the fluency without payment.
The programs are made according to the individual’s need. Daily there will be a conversational section to develop the skill of the student like skits, drama’s etc, which will improve the confidence, level of the student.
Yes, Nile offers you individual classes. For details contact Nile, our office.
Nile will have a counseling session and assess your language strength and your requirement. On the basis of this, Nile recommends the level you need to start with.
Yes. We cover grammar and vocabulary but in the context of usage.
Yes, we do, in Advance English class.
The method of teaching at Nile is entirely different from other places. We conduct skits, drama, almost every day and make sure the students speak daily. Because language can be learnt only by speaking. And further to that we give students time to learn without any extra fee.
Yes, If a student asks us for a trial class , we definitely do it for a day.
We provide the material, No, you need not pay extra for the material.