There are plenty of apps and pages online for translation at present. The reason clients come to us is because we have grown over the last few years as a translation agency and developed in terms quality, trustworthiness and extensiveness.

Clients return to us with new projects because our promptness and our promise to give value for their money. We might have started off with just translations a few years ago, but now, we also offer several other services like Interpretation Localization and Transcription

Our success rate – 96% of our clients accept our work on first delivery , 100% on the second delivery!


We translate documents of any kind in any language specified in the language pairs. Our expert translators for each of the language pairs understand the requirements and work based on the requests of the clients.

We provide translation services for the following

Technical Translation: Civil Engineering, Designing, Electrical Engineering, Guides & SOPs, Information Technology (IT), Machinery, Manufacturing, R&D, Telecommunications, User Manuals.

Legal Translation: Agreements, Cases, Contracts, Foreign applications, Immigration documents, Insurance Policies, Licenses, Partnerships, Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights.

Financial Translation: Accounting, Balance Sheets, Banking, Budget Forecasts, Corporate Publications, Financial Reports, Loan documents, Stock Option Agreements.

Business Translation: Advertising, Customer Surveys, Emails, Marketing, Presentations, Products, Project Management, Strategic Management.

Document Translations: Curriculum Vitae, Educational Certificates, Marksheets, Marriage Certificate and Divorce Documents, Papers, Permits, Other Documents.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Translations: Drug Indications, Drug Patents and Expiry, Medical Journals, Medical Reports, etc.

Our language experts work on the following language pairs

English- Hindi & vice-versa English- Kannada & vice-versa
English- Malayalam & vice-versa
English- Tamil & vice-versa
Hindi- Kannada & vice-versa
Hindi- Malayalam & vice-versa
English- French & vice-versa
English- German & vice-versa
English- Italian & vice-versa
English- Mandarin & vice-versa
English- Russian & vice-versa
English- Spanish & vice-versa
Hindi- Russian & vice-versa


Our world consists of so many beautiful languages, so known, but most unknown… and that’s where the need for an interpreter arises. Our interpreters do not just translate your words, but also translate the thoughts and feelings to the listener so nothing is misconstrued and evaluated based on just the vocal diction. Our interpreters offer services for telephonic interpretation as well as on-site interpretation projects.


We at Nile provide high quality, professional transcription services. Provide us the audio or video files and we revert with clearly formatted text files. Our transcriptionists are experienced and conditioned to various cultural accents which prove to be of utmost importance for clear understanding and analysis of the content to be transcripted.


It is only natural for growing businesses today to soar into the skies of newer countries and cultures. That is why there is a definite need for localization of content, be it the websites or marketing material or even operating procedures.

Our localization experts provide efficient and consistent services ensuring the natives fall in love with your product/ service in a language they know.