Language Translation

Language Translation

Our Specialities

The translators that we assign are professionals and well experienced in the subject matter of your project. This ensures correct usage of grammar, sentence structure, idioms and cultural appropriateness, as well as correct translation of any technical terms and making sure your document has the appropriate tone.

After the translation we assign the document to the proof reader.

Our efficient translation process guarantees that your assignment is carefully and professionally handled from start to finish.

Confidentiality of your document is our prime motive.

Our Translation Services are on the following areas

1. General document Translation
2. Medical Translation
3. Legal Translation
4. Finance Translation
5. Engineering & Technical Translation
6. Literary Translation
7. Marketing translation

Our Translation services portfolio includes the following languages.

1. English to French
2. French to English
3. English to German
4. German to English
5. English to Spanish
6. Spanish to English
7. English to Russian
8. Russian to English
9. English to Kannada
10. Kannada to English
11. English to Hindi
12. Hindi to English
13. English to Malayalam
14. Malayalam to English
15. English to Gujarati