Indian Language School

India is the only nation in the entire world that has an expansive set of languages spoken. The languages are so unique in nature, so varied in speech, yet each one no less beautiful than the rest. Though there are only close to 25 officially recognized languages in India, the actual number of languages spoken here are over 400. Just like we Indians take pride in our ‘Unity in Diversity’, there is absolutely no doubt that we love to learn each other’s cultures, customs and languages too…

We might not be able to present all 400 languages on one platform, but we sure can assure that we teach our few languages the best.


Study Material
Smart, Technology Oriented Classrooms

At Nile Institute of Languages & Education, we believe and strive towards establishing a culture wherein students are given the best training and facilities for the chosen language at the lowest possible fee.

The classrooms are equipped with smart TV and speakers apart from all the basic necessities essential for a peaceful yet active learning experience. The classes are structured in a way to give students the maximum benefit; online training modules and videos are viewed and discussed in the classes with the aim to provide practical knowledge of usage of the specific language.

We will also be establishing virtual classrooms so learning enthusiasts/ students are able to access the syllabus, notes and sessions from any corner of the world. And the most important part of teaching- the trainers, are chosen wisely so as to provide authentic cum workable knowledge on the specific language. The trainers are chosen more on the basis of their knowledge of the language, passion to teach and their appeal and rapport with students, and less on the basis of the degrees they hold.

Each student is given individual attention so as to make him/her comfortable with the learning process. We group the classes in a way that each student comfortably gets individual time with the trainer for any clarifications (Normally groups of 4-8 Students). Students are allowed to learn at their own pace and the courses are customized based on individual requirements.