15 interesting facts about English

There are various aspects of English that create doubts and confusions even among good English speakers, the most prominent of them being the spellings and pronunciations. Do you know that English used to have 29 alphabets and it took addition and deletion of many many letters to attain the modern set of 26 alphabets that we currently know. Some more facts about English that you make you say, “Really?!”

1. English is not the official language of the USA. Surprised? Read the next one…

2. China has more English speakers than the entire USA.

3. SCUBA, SNAFU, LASER, RADAR, SONAR, MODEM, YUPPIE are some words that are originally acronyms that have come into acceptance as English words.

4.  The most commonly used alphabet in English words is the alphabet ‘E’ with it being used in 11.1607% of words.

5.  The 10 most commonly used nouns in English language are TIME, PERSON, YEAR, DAY, WAY, THING, MAN, WORLD, LIFE and HAND.

6. The word ‘WHATEVER’ is rated the most irritating English word.

7. The longest word made using only four alphabets is ‘SENSLESS’.

8. The opposite of ‘SPARKLE’ is ‘DARKLE’.

9. ‘RHINORRHEA’ is nothing related to the rhinoceros, but the medical term for ‘runny nose’.

10. The word ‘SYNONYM’ is one of the few words in English which does not have a synonym.

11. The most complex word in English is ‘SET’. Though small, this word has over 400 definitions that run over 20 pages in the Oxford English Dictionary.

12.  The renowned English poet William Shakespeare added 1,700 words to the English language through his writings.

13.  Most average English speakers know an average of 28,000 words.

14. English is the third most spoken in the world, with Chinese and Spanish being at number one and two respectively.

15. The shortest and the oldest word in English language is ‘I’.

This was a very small set of fun facts about English language. We hope you enjoyed reading. Stay tuned for more interesting reads not just in English, but in several other languages, that we are sure you would love.

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