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Courses Offered

Effective communication is an essential section for a successful business

Importance of learning languages

Communication is very essential for a successful business man. Business needs are fulfilled through communication. Effective communication is an essential section for a successful business. Effective communications helps to prevent misunderstandings. Through valuable communication time can be saved. For business people impression is essential, business person should impress the other person or the listeners in order to exchange knowledge and thoughts effectively. There are three kinds of business communication. They are written communication, telephone communication and face to face communication. Enquires, Explanation, Clarifications, Promotion, Marketing, Follow ups and Business Closing all these are based on communication

Courses Offered - Foreign Languages



A foreign language is a language indigenous to another country. It is also a language not spoken in the native country of the person referred to, i.e. an English speaker living in Japan can say that Japanese is a foreign language to him or her. These two characterisations do not exhaust the possible definitions, however, and the label is occasionally applied in ways that are variously misleading or factually inaccurate.

Courses Offered - Indian Languages



The languages of India belong to several language families. The largest of these in terms of speakers is the Indo-European family, predominantly represented in its Indo-Aryan branch (accounting for some 700 million speakers, or 69% of the population), but also including minority languages such as Persian, Portuguese or French, and English as a lingua franca. Kashmiri and other Dardic languages, which form part of the Indo-Iranian, and arguably Indo-Aryan family, have some 4.6 million speakers in India.

We have special coaching for different groups of people… like house wives, corporate, executives, school students, Business people, Working people (Securities, Receptionist, Nurses, Sales man) Etc... The duration for all courses are for four months…And for further fluency, student can continue to attend the class without paying anymore fee.